Audio Description of our Philosophy

Blue Planet Pharma Corporation
Nutra Technology Forged by Science (tm)
Key West, FL USA

Blue Planet Pharma Logo Hello, my name is Dan F. Schramm, the president of Blue Planet Pharma Corp. here in beautiful Key West, Florida. Our web presence and packaging is not fancy; we put all of the value into our products. In addition, our sites are written by hand with very clean and fast loading code, making them easy to use for the blind using screen readers and fast for everyone. Plus, we have audio description files available which even those with perfect vision might prefer over reading lots of text on the screen. Our philosophy is also expressed in our tagline: "Nutra Technology Forged by Science." For our sleep aid products, our federal registered trademark tagline is "Herbal Technology Built on Science".

We believe in producing quality products from approved herbal ingredients. We tell the truth about our products, unlike many supplement businesses with questionable ethics. We do not purchase ingredients from China or other sketchy locations. Our products, like our trademark, are just naturally vegan. If a product is not completely vegan, we will tell you and we use other trademarks such as just naturally healthy or just naturally good.

Our products are listed on our main website, but each product also has its own website with audio descriptions and easy methods to order. You can easily tell our internet web presence and products from others because all product websites and products begin with the word "blue" and a dash, followed by one world that describes that product. We only use dot com and dot us domains. Many of the dot coms we would like, have been registered by speculators so dot us is our backup position.

Our products contain no fillers or additives. Our products are intended for adults only. The bottle has an inner seal and a shrink wrap band around the cap when shipped. Do not use if seal is broken or missing. The bottle cap has a QR Code that will take you to a page listing the ingredients of the products, instructions for use and other valuable information.

All the supplement makers we have surveyed use complicated code, things called style sheets and have very pretty and busy web pages that are a nightmare for the blind to use with screen readers.

Just as a bit of background, in March 1992 I founded Quaterra Communications Corporation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which was a business to support the Deaf and hard of hearing community. We launched AbleServ the first online service designed for TTY TDD devices. I invented products and personally won a number of SBIR Small Business Innovation Research grants from the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the CDC Centers for Disease Control. I would 3 awards from the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. Products included TTY-Vision, a small device that connected to the phone line enabling a television to be used as the display with 24 characters across and 8 lines deep similar to a computer display. A photo of the television output is shown herein.

Another product was called TTD Universal Voice Mail which was a TTD baudot to ascii modem that allowed personal computers to talk directly to a TTD terminal. It was available in a one and two line version. We also created a version to handle 12 channels on a T1 circuit for larger businesses which provided similar features to what a computer could access using a TTY, including transfer calls to emplyee's individual computers and database access for local store locations.

We also created a computer and TDD TTY accessible national telephone directory service but could only operate it for one year due to a lack of funding.

Blue Planet Pharma Corp. allows me and my company to bring healthy useful products to market and help the blind community as well. Our prices are very reasonable, our products are made with quality ingredients and we believe in doing good deeds and giving back. Thank you for reading or listening to the philosophy of Blue Planet Pharma Corp. Key West, Florida, USA.

Control Date: 08/11/2022--03/16/23

Customer Service: 305-304-1936 or 305-570-1188
Nationwide Toll Free: 1-888-898-2909
10 a.m. - 8 p.m. M-F, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat. Closed Sunday.

Blue Planet Pharma Corporation is a Florida, USA Corporation. and is (c) copyright 2023 by Blue Planet Pharma Corp. and Dan F. Schramm.

The artwork portion of the logo [Blue Planet Solar System] is the property of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. Registered Copyright VA 2-40-610. Effective January 16, 2021. Used by license.

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